Welcome to the DIY Page of The Timeless Crane!

 If you've ever wanted to learn how to fold origami or make your own mobile, then this is the place to be! 
Along with the many sets of wires I had manufactured to make mobiles with this year, I also ordered a number of wires for Mobile Making Kits. This is perfect for anyone who wants to make their very own professional looking Origami Mobile with a Stainless Steel frame. It's available with folding paper or just as a set of wires if you have your own paper and models that are just itching for a purpose and a new home!

 The Origami Paper Crane 

Learn how to fold a paper crane, and finish up the models in several different ways depending on the final look you're going for.  Pair up this video with a Mobile Making Kit complete with paper so you can put your mobile together in no time!

Learn to Make a Mobile

Once you've learned how to fold a paper crane or any other origami model, you're ready to put your origami into a mobile. Use this video to learn now to make a mobile in order to display your origami models in a unique way!
Visit my YouTube Channel to find origami review videos with tips and tricks on folding different models, as well as information on where to find instructions for what you want to fold.  Learn to fold the paper crane, angelfish, and octopus, and more to come soon!  To visit The Timeless Crane on YouTube Click here!