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Smiling cute baby boy wearing a red one piece onesie with a blue origami airplane and the words A is for Airplane written in white font.  He is sitting on a bench that is outside in a shaded wooded area.

Kids and Babies

Pretty smiling woman in a modern building wearing a red shirt that has origami hearts and the words "Origami Always" printed in black script.

Women's T-Shirts

Handsome bearded man with a backwards cap on his head standing in front of a wall with graffiti.  He is wearing a dark blue shirt with 25 white origami paper cranes on it and the words "The Timeless Crane" across the bottom.

Men's T-Shirts

Young pretty woman sitting in a wooded clearing wearing a dark gray hoodie with 25 origami paper cranes in rainbow order across the front.  At the bottom of the cranes the words "The Timeless Crane" are written in a script font.

 Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Young man sitting outside in a shaded area wearing blue sunglasses and a dark blue shirt that has 25 origami paper cranes on it all in black. Below the cranes are the words The Timeless Crane written in black script.

Long Sleeve Tees

Closed gray laptop computer on a wooden shelf surrounded by office things.  On the top of the laptop there is a round sticker with a bright orange sunset, and in the foreground there is a tree and a yellow origami giraffe.

Die Cut Stickers

Girl laying on her bed using headphones and listening to music from her phone.  There is a black spiral bound notebook in front of her that has 49 origami paper cranes printed on the cover in a rainbow order, and has the words "The Timeless Crane" across the bottom.


A pretty young woman wearing glasses is sitting on a padded chair with her tote bag hanging on the side of the chair.  The tote bag is made of canvas and has a large pink origami heart printed on it with the words "Love your life" written inside of the heart in white script.



These limited t-shirt designs are available through Amazon in sizes for men, women, and youth with free Prime Shipping.  

White Cranes

The Timeless Crane

World Traveler

Rainbow Cranes

Fish in the Sea

Koala Bear

Peace, Love, & Origami 

Large Butterflies

Antisocial Butterfly

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