Make a Mobile

Learn to Make a Mobile

This video shows you how to make a mobile with wires and paper cranes, and you can get all the materials to make this with my Mobile Making Kit. You can also use sticks, dowels, or other things besides wire, and you can use other models besides the crane as well. Use this video as a tool to learn now to make a mobile so you can display your origami in a unique way!
My Mobile Making Kit is perfect for anyone who wants to make their very own professional looking Origami Mobile with a Stainless Steel frame. It's available with folding paper or just as a set of wires if you have your own paper and models that are just itching for a purpose and a new home!

Folding the Origami Paper Crane for Your Mobile 

This video shows you how to fold a paper crane, and finish up the models in several different ways depending on the final look you're going for.  

A Diagram of the Origami Paper Crane

Video Time Stamps to Take Note of:
Begin Folding the Crane 2:10
Inflated Body 6:17
Traditional Style 6:57
Curved Wings 7:21
Flapping Crane 7:57
Conclusion, Now What? 9:06
For other instructional diagrams of the paper crane... search online for "origami paper crane instructions" or go to:
Origami resource center: https://www.origami-resource-center.c...
Video mentions:
Christian Marianciuc Instagram: @icarus.mid.air
1001 Paper Crane art by Cathy Lancaster:
Origami paper crane mosaics for weddings, etc:
Visit the Origami Tutorial Page for videos on several other origami models.  You can also visit my YouTube Channel to see all of my videos.