Read reviews I have received via email below. :)


"Just received your package and I cannot tell you how GREAT it is. We Love it and cannot wait to hang it up.  Thank you sincerely from my wife and I from our hearts. We will tell everyone we know about it and encourage them to purchase one too! A truly spectacular purchase! We love the crane mobile so much. … One of my best friends – also a local Worcester artist – painted this mountain mural in our daughter's room and the cranes look so lovely in the morning with the mountains as the backdrop! Thank you again and again."


○ The mobile is beautiful. I can’t wait to gift it tonight. Thank you!

○ Just wanted to say that I really liked the plane mobile. When the fan is on it perfectly moves over her crib. She keeps trying to reach out for them. Thanks again! 

○ Just wanted to say thanks. I and my great grandson love the mobile that you made.  It’s just amazing how you can fold paper and come out with a crane.

○ We love the mobile, though we still don’t have it up yet. Still working on the nursery, but once we have it up I’ll send you some pics!

○ Sorry for the delay in letting you know that I have received the 2 origamis for the boys.  It worked out that Jack will be given the cars and Leo the planes.  Thanks for making that decision.  They are very nice and I am sure the boys will have a great time looking at them as they get older.  Thanks again for an excellent job and I will call upon you in the future.

○ Hi Debora, the Mobile looks great in the space. I’ve given the name out to lots of people. I hope you get lots of requests. Thanks for your help.  I received the mobile today….LOVE IT!  Thank you so much!

"Peter picked up the mobile from the post office today, and I can’t express how beautiful it is!!! I expected to find it beautiful, but I actually got emotional when I saw it.. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I have to say, this is a masterpiece  I’ll never regret buying this from you! We’ll also tell everyone we know about it, perhaps you’ll have new Belgian clients soon! :) Also, thank you for the lovely card and origami box :) That’s so thoughtful. I wish we could have met, because you must be the most wonderful person."

○ I have just given the dragons to my brother (a slightly belated christmas). Absolutely stunning! He loves it. You are a true craftsman (or craftslady)  The cranes I am saving for my step-daughters birthday but I opened them up and they are incredible. You must have very deft fingers! Thank you so much, I will always remember you for future gifts.

○ Just wanted to say i received your wonderful mobile last week and i absolutely love it! What a beautiful talent you have. I feel peaceful inside every time i see it. Thank you!

○ Thank you for the beautiful mobile with the golden cube. It is the way I expected it. 

"Hello, and thank you so much for the beautiful custom crane mobile. My dad is in a nursing home. He has limited vision, and I thought this would be the perfect something to hang over his bed… I love it, and I think he will too when he gets used to the idea… His initial reaction was baby in a crib… I am sharing your site with others who are looking for adult themed mobiles. Thank you for your personal touch and artful design."



○ I just wanted to let you know that I received the box yesterday. Everything looks absolutely fabulous! Thank you so much! And thank you for the lovely little gift. My daughter was a little upset that I did not get something made for her… But I saw your little gift and gave it to her. She loved it! Crisis adverted… Thanks to you! Many, many thanks again!- It came last night and I just took it out of the box. I figured out the sliding wires. Love the colors, they’re perfect. It’s beautiful, thank you!

○I LOVE it!! And so do my brother and his wife.. now we just need the baby to arrive.. thank you so much.. you are very talented and appreciated!

○ We love our new crane mobile! Thank you Debora! It’s perfect 

"You have NEVER let me down!!! What can I say?? The two (2) mobiles are SO BEAUTIFUL!!! The pink mobile for the baby was breath taking!! The purple one going to Hawaii is AMAZING!!! I can ALWAYS count on you to make something so beautiful and if I could or had the room I would have you make me more!!! I just love the work you do!!! I got your book BUT I don’t think I will ever be as GREAT as you!!! Again thank you, Debora!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM!!! Loyal Fam, Miki"



○ Just a note to say it’s beautiful! It’s up and looking perfect for the room. Thank You so much for your beautiful work and I loved the little box with the cranes and stars – How Perfect – this will go in the baby’s keepsake box. Thank You again and God Bless.

○ My mobile came today and I was just able to unpack it. I LOVE IT! You most certainly have not only made my Friday, but my whole week. Every tiny detail from the mobile itself to the tissue it came in and the little box with the cranes and stars, just makes me smile. Thank you so, very, very, much. I hope yo have a wonderful weekend. Thank you again for this very special piece of art.

○ As I had expected, it is PERFECT. One of the blues (the brighter one), is the exact color of my guitar.

○ Yes, your work gives much JOY and PEACE.

○ It was so kind of you to get the mobile finished and shipped so fast. Thank you so much! I have a feeling my friend is going to love it!

○ I’m so glad I found your site! Your web page is lovely. When I had a question, your response was really friendly and prompt. You sent a personal email to tell me the mobile was on it’s way. Then I received the mobile to find that it was so perfect! You customized it with the colors in my company’s logo. I couldn’t wait until my work day on Monday, so I drove to work yesterday with my husband to hang it. It’s fantastic and I thank you very much!

○ I received the mobile yesterday, it’s beautiful!!! I’ll take pictures and send them to you! And I’ll probably order another one!

○ I received the mobiles today and they are wonderful. My husband already hung his up and I am sure the other people – especially my grandchildren – will love them also. Thank you so much for a great job. I will remember your web site for the future and if anyone asks I will tell them about you.

○ Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful mobile!!

○ We attached it to the ceiling above our son’s changing table and the from the first time he layed eyes on the cranes, it was non stop smiles!!

○ The mobile arrived today and the boys love it! We already have it up in their room and they said it was the best present ever. Thank you for doing such a beautiful job!

○ I received the mobile today. It looks great, can’t wait to hang it!

○ I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful “warm side of the rainbow” paper crane mobile. It is so beautiful and just the thing to brighten up my office! It makes me so happy to look at it, and my students and colleagues love it too. Thank you for making something so beautiful with such love!

"The mobile arrived and I set it up at my new grandson’s home for him. He lies in his swing and gazes up at it as it slowly floats around. Everyone that sees it likes it and are talking about getting one for themselves. Thank you for taking the time to package it so carefully and setting it up so that it opens up so easily. The no assembly was very nice."





○ Again you amaze me!! Kelly’s mobile was BEAUTIFUL!!! She just loves it!! You have out done yourself again!! BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL!!!!

○ She was smiling ear to ear!! Her little girl is going to love looking up!!

○ We’ve received the mobile and are very pleased with it. Thank you.

○ Wow! The mobile is wonderful. Even better than I thought it would be. I hung it in a alcove with mirrors on three sides so the fish are multiplied.

○ I ordered an absolutely beautiful rainbow mobile from you last summer. I was so pleased with it I thought I’d order another for my sister, who is pregnant with her first baby.

○ Thank you so much for this mobile. My child loves watching it as he goes down for naps. I recomend it highly.

○ I do have to tell you that the mobile is the best thing I could have ever purchased for my little one because like I said in my last e-mail all he does is look at them and the slow movements put him to sleep in a flash. They are magic. If I have a girl next time around I already have another mobile picked out.

○ I just got the mobile (We had been gone), and opened and hung it. It is absolutely beautiful. I love it and I am sitting mesmerized looking at it.

○ I just loved it. It is amazing. Thank you sooo much. I just can’t stop looking at it. The best mobile everrr.

○ Thank you again

○ Just a note to say it’s beautiful! It’s up and looking perfect for the room. Thank You so much for your beautiful work… Thank You again and God Bless.

"What a delightful package you sent me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my mobile. I am on vacation next week and have hung it on my sunporch for me to enjoy before it comes to work with me. It is beautiful and fascinating – love the colors! My new office space now has half walls so other units will be able to “enjoy the view” as well."




○ Thank you Debora for the mobile!

○ Thank you again, Debora!! I just love the mobile at my home I was just staring at it. SO GLAD I FOUND YOUR WEBSITE!!! Have a wonderful evening!

○ We hung the mobile last night and we both love it and we are sure the baby will, too :). Yay! Thank you for blessing us with your art. It is wonderful!

○ It looks fantastic and looks as though it will be the perfect touch to their nursery. Couldn’t pick a better color combo! I am excited to send this gift, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

○ The mobile arrived safely and it is lovely!

○ Yesterday we received your fantastic origami mobile. It’s now temporarily hanging in our living room so that we can admire it, but this weekend we will move it to our Japanese styled babyroom for our expected child. Thank you for the great work. We love it. Greetings from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

○ I just received my mobiles!! I JUST LOVE IT!!! It reminds me of the Hawaiian waters I play in every year! The details and colors are exactly what I wanted and she delivered again. My sisters’ mobile is just as beautiful as the first one (Washi Cranes) I ordered from Debora! I will continue to order from her! Thank you very much!!

○ OMG!!! What a BEAUTIFUL hand made crane mobile!! You have put so much love in making this for me!! I have it hanging in my office above my desk and I catch myself staring at it and day dreaming! You took the time to listen to me and gave me what I want!! YOU DELIVER!!! You even hand delivered to me at my work!! I will order more from you for gifts!

○ Just received the mobile in perfect condition – it turned out very beautiful indeed!  Thanks for your lovely work and attention to detail

○ We just received them, they are delightful! Thank you so very much for your beautiful efforts, they are even more amazing in person.

○ The safari mobile is fantastic! The little guy is due just about any day now,and he is going to LOVE his mobile! Thanks for another unique and lovely piece of art.

○ Thank you so much for the beautiful mobile. It is better than I imagined it to be. You did such a wonderful job capturing exactly what we wanted. I know our little guy will surely enjoy it, once he arrives.

○ Hi! I just opened my mobile and it is beautiful!!!! You can probably count on hearing from me again in the future.

○ We love it. It’s great. Thanks for doing it in our color scheme.

○ Just realized that I hadn’t written you since [my granddaughter] opened her beautiful ribbon fish mobile on her birthday– she was ecstatic! It was just as pretty as she had imagined. We’re very grateful for all the talent, heart, and love you put into your work — we’ve certainly benefited from it.

○ Well, the fish mobile is a great hit!! I knew I was going to love the mobile even before I unwrapped it because I saw how it was packed with such love and care. Thanks for doing such a great job!

"Thank you very much for the most beautiful and colorful cranes!!!!!! The box arrived yesterday, Saturday. I immediately opened it, and hung my enchanting mobiles around my house to admire them as I move around. They seem to fill the spaces around my house with certain magic. Thank you again, for your amazing handwork!!!!"






○ Thanks so much for the mobile, it’s beautiful. I received it today and it’s perfect for the room!

○ I have received the mobile. Thank you very much, it is beautiful! … Thanks!

○ I received the mobile today and it’s perfect! Thank you so much. My son was fascinated by it and it will continue to capture his attention for years I’m sure!

○ I received the mobile yesterday. It is beautiful and it is going to look amazing in our son’s room.

"My mobile arrived safely this morning. I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am with it – it’s so beautiful I’m over the moon. I absolutely love it. I’ve hung it over my bed where it catches the breeze and I’ll see it when I wake up in the mornings. (Customer from England – mobile arrived in 10 days)."





○ I received the mobile on Wednesday… It is so beautiful, and I’m glad I ordered the large one. The surprise origami box with the “baby” origamis is delightful! Thank you very much.

○ The colors are “autumn” and the mobile is exactly what I wanted for my livingroom…its moves gently in the currents from the heat of the woodstove and is soothing to watch as I rest after a long day at work.

○ Got it, looooooove it …it is really beautiful. Fast shipping, wonderfully packaged, and a beautiful piece of affordable art.

○ Got the mobile yesterday- very quick! It is adorable. (Customer from Canada – mobile arrived in 5 days).

○ We received the mobile today and we LOVE it! It’s really-really awesome! Our baby girl is sure to love it. Our 4 year old son sure does. Thank you so much. It’s the perfect addition to our nursery.

○ The best, most awesome, most beautiful mobile ever! Look no further. recvd fast 2!

○ It’s beautiful; just what we wanted! Thanks also for making the whole ordering process so easy, the quality is excellent and the turnaround time was lightening fast.

○ * Fast Shipping-Beautiful Origami- Perfect 4 Baby’s Room-Thanks *

○ Beautiful, thanks – fast shipping too!

○ I love my mobile. It is perfect… Amazing. Thanks for your promptness!!

○ This mobile is bright and cheerful. I love it. Thanks

○ Fast ship, great mobile, The quality exceeded my expectations. A+ Seller THANKS

○ Great experience, very friendly and helpful…would definetly buy from again!

○ Beautiful mobile, amazingly FAST shipping, #1 seller!!

○ Oh, WOWWOWWOWOWOW!… I can’t thank you enough for your fine artwork…your beautiful artwork was very well received! It looks stunning in my room…

○ I got your mobile today and I have to tell you I am blown away!! I love it!! I hung it up in my living room, to the delight of my 2 kitties (well out of reach, of course!) and to me and my husband. I’ll be admiring it forever.

○ Thank you so much – the mobile is very beautiful and fills my day with happiness

○ I have it in my office and absolutely love it!

○ This is neater than the picture…I’m very pleased.

○ Received mobile promptly, exactly as described; highly recommend to others.

○ Amazing mobile. Arrived quick and packed well. Thanks… Thanks for another amazing mobile!!

○ Shipped at the speed of light. Better than pics! A perfect gift for my daughter!!

○ Most Excellent… Way Kewl….. Perfect……… Thank You…..


… I think they liked their mobiles. : )