Hi, I’m Debora

Debora sits on an Ikea chair reading a book by the window. There is a glass table next to her with a potted plant on it. Above her there is an origami paper crane mobile.
Hanging mobiles and the art of Origami have always been a part of my life, and now as an adult I enjoy combining these two in my art.  Capturing the imagination of children and adults alike, and sharing a symbol of peace – the paper crane, brings me joy, and working with my customers to create mobiles that surpass their imaginations is always fun.
I've always wanted to give origami a greater purpose than just existing, and I love seeing the joy that my work brings to those who see and experience it. Watching one of my mobiles in motion can help bring peace to one’s soul, and I feel that mobiles are essential in one's home. 
Debora is sitting next to a cascading spiral origami paper crane mobile. The cranes are made from papers in all different shades of red.
What I make is pretty and decorative, and seems to have a life of its own as it becomes part of its environment and changes with it. Mobiles move with the air, cast shadows, and change with the lighting.  They're also functional – bringing joy, peace, and tranquility into homes and offices throughout the world. Knowing that my art improves people's lives gives me all the reason I need to keep creating.  

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