Adding a Music Box to Your Mobile

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Traditional plastic baby mobiles come with wind up music boxes, but these do not. Timeless Crane Mobiles are always in kinetic motion, and any little breeze can stir them up so a music box is not necessary to make them move.  Despite this, you may still want to add a musical element to your baby's mobile and this can easily be done  by adding one of these mobile music box above your mobile.  

A Battery Operated Mobile Music Box

This Shiloh Baby Musical Mobile is easy to use, is battery operated and plays music for 20 minutes. This is the mobile music box that my brother and his wife used for their little girl and she loved it! You can read about their experience in this blog post. It keeps the mobile spinning slowly and the music is very soft.

This video is of my niece enjoying her new Custom Themed Cloud Wire Mobile with her Shiloh Mobile Music Box: 



A Rotary Mobile Music Box


A simple music box would be something like this Baby Rotary Mobile Music Box that plays only one song on repeat, like Brahms Lullaby, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, or You Are My Sunshine. This will play the song two or three times before you have to wind it up again.

A Mobile Music Box with Memory Card

Programmable Baby Mobile Music Box

If you're looking for something with a little more bells and whistles, then you can go with something like this Programmable Mobile Music Box. It has a memory card so you can upload your own music into the music box, which is a neat feature! This one is battery operated, so when the batteries run low you just replace them. 

Now that you've seen the different options for making your mobile musical, you just have to choose a mobile to hang from your music box.  :)

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  • I don’t personally add the songs to the music boxes, as they can be purchased separately from Amazon. You can add any song you want once you get the music box.

    Debora of The Timeless Crane on
  • Can you provide a baby mobile with the song, or part of it, Cat’s in the Cradle? Thank you.

    Bert Olson on
  • Yes, with the Programmable Baby Mobile Music Box (last option), there is a memory card and you can add the music of your choice to the music box. :)

    Debora of The Timeless Crane on
  • Can I upload a song and have it put into the mobile?

    Elise Josephine on

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