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Despite the fact that dimensions are written in every mobile listing, written dimensions are often not enough to convey the size of a mobile. It's difficult to picture how a mobile might fit in your home or office since you can't see it in person before ordering it.  Although photos and videos can help, sometimes you may need more information to help you decide on the right size mobile for you and your space. 

Small Origami Mobiles

Nursery Sizing: The Small size is truly small, to the point where I used to call it the Mini Mobile.  It doesn't take up much space at all, so it doesn't have a huge presence. This size is ideal for smaller spaces, or for hanging directly from a crib with a mobile arm. The Small is about 12 inches wide (only a foot in diameter). The Small is also great for hanging above a mini crib or bassinet. 
Home/Office Sizing: Once again I repeat that this is a very small mobile, but it's still a nice addition to a corner of a small room or office.

Medium Origami Mobiles

Nursery Sizing: This is an ideal sized mobile for a nursery, for either above the crib or above a changing table. It's not much smaller than the Large but it has less cranes so it looks and feels more simple, and does take up a little less space.
Home/Office Sizing: This size is nice for a corner of a room, or at the end of a sofa. It's not large enough to be a central piece in a room, or to give the sense of "filling a room," unless you hang a cluster of them together.

Large Origami Mobiles

Nursery Sizing: This is another ideal size for a nursery, and can be hung above a crib or changing table. Since it has more cranes than the Medium, and it's a little taller than the Medium you must make sure your ceiling is high enough to hang it out of reach of your baby, or hang it slightly off to the side so you won't bump your head on it when picking up or changing your baby.
Home/Office Sizing: This size is nice for a corner of a room, or at the end of a sofa. It's not large enough to be a central piece in a room, or to give the sense of "filling a room," unless you hang a cluster of them together.

XL Origami Mobiles

This size only has large cranes, so despite being the same style as the previous mobiles, it is much larger than the other mobiles in this style (Small, Medium, and Large). This size stands out more because of the larger cranes, but it's still a simple layout that moves with ease.
Nursery Sizing: This design is very bold and in your face, so you must be sure to have enough space in a room for this size.  It may be too large to hang above a crib, and may be better off to the side, unless you have a high ceiling.
Home/Office Sizing: This mobile has a nice presence to it because of its larger cranes and larger size.  It's large enough for a living room, bedroom, or larger office. It can be a central piece in a room, and a small group of them can certainly fill any room.

Giant Origami Mobiles

This mobile is one of the best for a larger space or an area with a higher ceiling.  The cranes are all larger than the ones in the smaller mobile sizes, so it has a much greater presence, and goes well in a larger room. The increased number of birds in this style mobile also help it to fill in a space more.
Nursery Sizing: This design only works in a nursery with a higher ceiling because the mobile is 4 feet wide and 3 feet tall. Because of the increased number of large birds this mobile can certainly fill a space all on its own.
Home/Office Sizing: This is the size I recommend for rooms where you want the mobile to be a central focus in the room. This size and style has larger and more numerous cranes so it does a better job filling a larger space. Keep in mind that this size is 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide so be sure you have enough clearance below or around the mobile so you don't keep bumping into it. 

XXL Origami Mobiles

This Mobile is the same design as the Small, Medium, Large, and XL sizes, but the cranes are much much larger, resulting in a much, much larger mobile. This mobile only fits in spaces with extremely high ceilings (17+ feet) because it's about 4 feet tall and 4.5 feet wide. 
Nursery Sizing: This size is a bit too large for a nursery, even one with high ceilings - the cranes are so large that it would most likely overwhelm everything else in the nursery.
Home/Office Sizing: This size is great for a massive and wide open spaces. Because the cranes are so large, the mobile only works in a space with a large feel to it, otherwise it'll easily overwhelm the space.

XXXL & Giant Spiral Origami Mobiles

These larger sizes can also be made, although they are not ordered frequently.
XXXL Sizing: This mobile was made for a home with a 17 foot ceiling in front of a stone fireplace.  It was so large that I had to use a different and stronger method of connecting the different levels. This mobile isn't listed in my catalog of products, but if you are interested in ordering this size, then just send me an email.
Spiral Mobile Sizing: These mobiles are for areas with very high ceilings - they go great at the top of a stairwell.  Every Giant Spiral Mobile I've made has been made to be hung at the top of the stairs.

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