New Normal

Well, we are officially practicing "social distancing" now. For us that means the kids are home with me all day and I'm essentially homeschooling them - we started "social distancing" on March 13th. 
Business had slowed down significantly at first, then exploded for two months, and now it's back to normal. The slow down helped give me time to get into the groove of homeschooling (definitely not a strength of mine!).

I was concerned about the safety and health of my customers as well as myself when receiving packages in the mail because of this virus. The cases of Coronavirus or COVID-19 were increasing daily, and this meant packages and mail were more and more likely to come in contact with people carrying the virus as the days went by.

Since learning more about the virus' lifespan on surfaces I'm feeling much better about handling mail and packages. According to studies conducted by the National Institute of Health, the coronaviruses can live up to 24 hours on cardboard, and up to 3 days on smoother/harder surfaces like plastic or steel.

For anyone ordering anything online this meant that by the time a package arrived (3 days transit) any possible virus inside the box is most likely dead, and after 24 hours any possible virus on the outside of the box would be dead too - and that's if a package even came in contact with an infected person. 

Now the CDC is saying that coronavirus is not likely to be transmitted via contact with surfaces, so getting coronavirus from packages is very unlikely. Despite this, it's recommended that you wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds after handling packages anyways.
In the meantime we can all enjoy spending more time with our family members, being social online, or learning how to do something new like folding origami or making a mobile (visit the DIY pages on my site)
I wish everyone safety and health, and look forward to when we can socialize face to face again.

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