The Bygone

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The Bygone is out and my mobile made a spectacular appearance in the film sometime between minutes 57and 62! The scene is magical with the music box playing "All The Pretty Horses," and all the dynamic shots of the mobile as Kip (Graham Phillips) looks for clues in Waniya's room (Sydney Schafer). The film is beautifully made, and you can feel how the story has a special meaning to the Phillips brothers as you watch it. You can get it on DVD or BluRay on Amazon now and see it too!  

The excitement started back in the winter of 2017, when I got a message from Heidi Strykiewicz, a film set decorator. She wanted one of my paper crane mobiles for a set, and the movie was already in the process of being filmed!  

Heidi needed this mobile urgently and I had less than 3 days to make it and get it to her. The colors for the mobile were to match the colors of a character's bedroom that had a pink and rose colored bedspread, and a variety of light greenish blue decorations. Once the mobile was completed, it was shipped straight to the movie set in Oklahoma.

Since I literally had 24 hours to make and ship the mobile, I didn't have time to photograph it properly. I usually took these giant mobiles to my parents' house in order to photograph them since all my walls were cream colored. I was only able to get some close up shots with a white foam board in the back, but in order to capture the entire mobile I had to use my cream wall as a backdrop.

Here’s the completed Giant Paper Crane Mobile that is in The Bygone. The movie was originally going to be released in 2018, but the preview was just finally released in 2019.

The mobile will be hanging in the bedroom of the character Waniya, played by the actress Sydney Schafer @syderoni from 2016's Nocturnal Animals, and the NBC show This Is Us. The Bygone is the first feature film in which the brothers Graham and Parker Phillips have worked together, they wrote and directed the film, and Graham stared in it. It's so neat that they got to make this movie together, and  I was so excited to see their final product.    

The Bygone was not released in theaters nationwide, there were only a few showings at film festivals in the summer of 2019. The official release date for the BlueRay and DVD was November 12, 2019 so we can all see it now! Here's the official trailer for you to enjoy!  :D



You can listen to an interview of the director, Parker Phillips, by Forthright Radio as well, just click here. 

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