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When I first started making mobiles most of them were paper crane mobiles. Soon I began making mobiles with all sorts of models - safari mobiles, ocean themed mobiles, butterfly mobiles, and dragon mobiles. People would email me asking if I could make them a mobile with a unique theme. I made mobiles with flowers and butterflies, farm animals, maple leaves, stars, ribbon fish, teddy bears, garden insects, cars, planes, and even John Deer and Winnie the Pooh themed mobiles.

In more recent years I've made more popular on-trend themes such as Woodland, Swans, Unicorns, Asian Jungle, Paris Birthday, Strawberries, Puppies, Dinosaurs, and even Wind in the Willows - a mobile themed after a book.

With each new theme I've learned to fold new models. I usually start by looking for examples of origami models that have already been created. I'll find a model that looks good in a picture, then I'll look for instructions on how to fold it. It can take me days to find the right model to use in a mobile. I have to search in my collection of books, and online using google, Pinterest, and You Tube. Once I find instructions to a model that looks promising I try folding it.

Now what are the criteria I use to decide if it's a good model for a mobile? I want a model that is relatively easy to fold, looks realistic and like what it's supposed to be, and conveys the nature of the creature or thing that it is. I also like models that are more three dimensional and can be appreciated from all angles, and I often prefer models that appear to be in action rather than standing still.

With this series of videos I'll be reviewing origami models starting with the ones that I've tried folding in attempts to find the right ones for my mobiles. You'll learn where to find instructions for different models, tips on how to fold them, and the good and bad things about the models, as well as what types of paper to use and where to get it - all things I wish someone had told me when I was starting out!

I'll regularly be reviewing a new origami design - so come follow along - have fun and save yourself some time as I pass my origami knowledge and experience on to you!

When you visit my Timeless Crane YouTube channel, you can post origami questions beneath the video, and like and subscribe so you don't miss an episode!

You can find the first introductory episode below and check out my channel here - be sure to like and subscribe so you don't miss an episode!

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