What's the Point of a Baby Mobile?

Babies and Mobiles

It's a given that baby mobiles are decorations, and their details and colors enrich the lives of parents and infants - and everyone knows that babies can be soothed by slow moving mobiles, and entertained my more active mobiles.  But did you know that nursery mobiles also aid in physical development, muscle strengthening, and brain development?       

Why Mobiles are Important

A nursery mobile not only functions to decorate and entertain, but it also plays an important role in a baby’s physical and mental development.  

The simple act of your baby's eyes following the movements of a mobile in motion helps strengthen the muscles that control this eye movement, and helps the muscles develop properly.  As your baby gains more head control and begins to follow a mobile's movements by turning or lifting his or her head, the muscles that control head movement are strengthened.  

Soon your baby begins to reach for the mobile with little hands, which helps  develop hand – eye coordination.  Reaching for the mobiles also helps your baby's eyes comprehend depth and the brain to understand distance, and develop spacial awareness.  

Having a mobile that captures your baby’s attention does so much more for his or her development than meets the eye. ;)

“Just wanted to say that I really liked the plane mobile.  When the fan is on it perfectly moves over her crib.  She keeps trying to reach out for them.  Thanks again!”

A Most Fascinating Mobile


Babies find Timeless Crane Mobiles to be particularly captivating because of their complexity and fluid movement.  The intricately folded paper models are always in kinetic motion and these origami mobiles can helping to soothe babies to sleep.  

“Thank you so much for this mobile.  My child loves watching it as he goes down for naps.  I recomend it highly… I do have to tell you that the mobile is the best thing I could have ever purchased for my little one because like I said [before] all he does is look at them and the slow movements put him to sleep in a flash.  They are magic.”

Because the paper models and wires are so lightweight, the levels of the mobile move very easily, even when the air is still.  Each level of the mobile is engineered to swivel a full 360 degrees in any direction, so any slight breeze causes the models to dance.  When there is an open window or fan, or even a change in temperature in the room from the heat turning on – the models move more quickly and unpredictably.

“I bought this for my grandson.  He’s two months old and he gazes up at the colorful origami birds utterly transfixed.  He loves it and so does his Mom.”

Watching the origami paper mobile in motion is so relaxing and intriguing – leaving anyone guessing the path the models will take next.  These movements are especially engaging for babies.  Customers often write about how their babies or grand-babies love their new mobiles.

“The mobile arrived and I set it up at my new grandson’s home for him.  He lies in his swing and gazes up at it as it slowly floats around.  Everyone that sees it likes it and are talking about getting one for themselves.  Thank you for taking the time to package it so carefully and setting it up so that it opens up so easily.  The no assembly was very nice.”

The Timelessness of a Timeless Crane Mobile

Babies can only see light and movement when they are born, and it's not until 1 month that they can focus on things that are 12 inches away.  Distinguishing between colors and focusing on small objects happens around 3-4 months. By 12 months babies can see rather clearly.  With that in mind, you should hang your mobile lower and closer to your baby when they are a newborn, and raise it up higher over time.

The height of Timeless Crane Mobiles can be adjusted with the included additional string.  The mobile can be hung low when your baby is younger and can’t see well, and then the mobile can be raised out of reach as your baby grows and becomes more active.   

“We attached [the mobile] to the ceiling above our son’s changing table and the from the first time he laid eyes on the cranes, it was non stop smiles!!”

Make it a Musical Baby Mobile 

You can also add a mobile music box that keeps the mobile spinning while playing music.  Use a mobile music box from an old mobile you already have, or buy a new mobile music box.   My brother and his wife got a battery operated mobile music box and it worked wonderfully to keep their little girl happy – learn how they turned their mobile into a Musical Baby Mobile in this post.

Whether you want to get a mobile for your own baby or as a gift for a friend – even an adult – know that it will be appreciated by everyone who sees it.  My Rainbow Crane Mobiles and All White Crane Mobiles are my all-time best sellers, and they are the mobiles most frequently purchased as gifts.  Order a Hanging Origami Mobile today to add joy to somebody’s life.

“I received the mobile today and it’s perfect!  Thank you so much.  My son was fascinated by it and it will continue to capture his attention for years I’m sure!”


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