What's the Point of a Baby Mobile?

It's a given that baby mobiles are decorations, and their details and colors enrich the lives of parents and infants - and everyone knows that babies can be soothed by slow moving mobiles, and entertained my more active mobiles.  But did you know that nursery mobiles also aid in physical development, muscle strengthening, and brain development?       

Why Mobiles are Important

 Beachy themed baby nursery with a soothing origami paper crane mobile hanging above the crib.

A nursery mobile not only functions to decorate and entertain, but it also plays an important role in a baby’s physical and mental development.  

Eye Muscle Strengthening

The simple act of your baby's eyes following the movements of a mobile in motion helps strengthen the muscles that control this eye movement, and helps those muscles develop properly.  

Improved Head Control

As your baby gains more head control your baby will begin to follow a mobile's movements by turning or lifting his or her head. The muscles that control head movement are further strengthened with these actions.  

Hand-Eye Coordination

Around the age of 3 months your baby will begin to reach for the mobile with little hands, and learn that he can control where those hands go. By now your baby's vision has improved to the point where he is able to follow the moving objects in a mobile, and he will enjoy reaching for the mobile and swatting at it.

Spacial Awareness

Reaching for the mobiles also helps your baby's eyes comprehend depth and the brain to understand distance, helping with the development of spacial awareness.  

Having a mobile that captures your baby’s attention does so much more for his or her development than meets the eye. Learn how a Timeless Crane Mobile can capture your little one's attention in this article about A Most Fascinating Mobile.

 An all White Origami Paper Crane Mobile hangs above a white crib against a deep green nursery wall.



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