Receiving and Hanging Your Origami Mobile

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Have you been wondering how I ship mobiles that are so delicate in a way that they don’t get destroyed in transit? Or maybe you’ve wondered about the best way to hang one of these origami mobiles once it gets to you?  

How an Origami Mobile is Shipped

I pack the mobiles in tissue paper so the origami is not crushed or damaged despite all the jostling it goes through during shipping. I slowly lower the mobile into the box and make sure every model is nestled snuggly in place so it doesn’t get smashed or bent in transit.

For every mobile I ship (other than the Giant Mobiles and the larger Calder Style Mobiles) there is no assembly required, and you simply lift the mobile out of the box, check for any tangled models and then hang up your mobile. You can see how easy it is in this unboxing video:


All mobiles ordered in the US are shipped with the United States Postal Service via Priority Mail (2-3 business day shipping). I like shipping via Priority Mail because it’s fast and your mobile doesn’t have to sit all boxed up for more than 3 days.

How to Hang an Origami Mobile


Let me start off by saying that if you are hanging a mobile above a crib, ALWAYS make sure the mobile is WELL SECURED to the ceiling so it will not fall on top of your baby!!!  Also, make sure that it is OUT OF REACH of your children at all times so they cannot pull it down on top of themselves!  

At the top of every mobile you find a small piece of card stock with extra nylon thread wrapped around it. There is an additional 5-6 feet of nylon thread wrapped up here so you can easily adjust the height of your mobile by unwrapping or rewrapping the thread around the card stock.



For a secure and permanent method of hanging (what is recommended if you have small children), you should use a Swag Ceiling Hook - it comes with options to anchor into cement, wood, or drywall, these can hold up to 35 lbs minimum even though most mobiles weigh less than 1 lb. Your local hardware store will have a wide variety of options for ceiling hooks, or you can just order one from Amazon and have it delivered right to your door.  :)  These OOK Swag Ceiling Hooks come in white, gold, black, or antique brass so you can choose the one that goes best in the room. 



These mobiles are very lightweight, so it doesn’t take much to keep them stuck to the ceiling. My favorite temporary method is to use a poster strip and a paper clip. This works for me because I tend to move the mobiles from place to place, and these strips are easy to remove without damaging the ceiling. I do NOT recommend this method for anyone with small children, and NEVER for hanging a mobile above a crib as this isn't a super secure method.  

For a drop ceiling you can use a Drop Ceiling Hook that is specifically designed for hanging things from drop ceilings.


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