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Back in March of this year I got a message asking how much money I might charge to fold a massive amount of origami, and how long it might take me.  I sent a quote and didn't think much of it at the time.  Soon after I was in full negotiations with a lighting design company in Dubai and the UK.  

This company had been commissioned to design a light fixture for a mall in Dubai. They requested a sample of my work, and while that was traveling to Dubai, I did some research into the right type of material to use for the fixture. 

So, now I've been awarded this commercial project - a feature light fixture in a new mall in Abu Dhabi, Dubai! This is going to be amazing and I feel honored and super super super excited to be a part of such a project!

I've been devoting most of my time to working on this project over the past couple of  months, so I had to deactivate all my custom and themed mobile options in my Etsy shop, and marked all the custom and themed mobiles as sold out on my site.

The material I decided on for the Dubai project is certainly not easy to fold, but years of folding paper cranes helps me out with that. My regular desk couldn't hold all the materials needed for the Dubai project, so I had to expand my space. I have been using an 8 foot folding table as a folding surface as well as to hold my paper cutters and materials. It is literally the perfect size for everything and it’s worked wonderfully. 

The final product will be breathtaking - I can't wait to see it fully assembled and all lit up! I'm also excited for what other doors of creativity this project has opened up for me! I can't share the details of the project yet, but it should be complete by the end of August, and I will be able to share all the detail and pictures at the beginning of September.  All the models are currently folded and now I'll be entering the next phase of partial assembly. 

Make sure to follow along to see what it's all about - and if you follow along on Instagram you'll be able to see some of the progress this month too!  

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