Going on Safari

Years ago I created my Safari Mobile design, and I sold some a while back too. Since switching to stainless steel wires I hadn't made one again until recently.


So I finally have an updated and redesigned Safari Mobile!  This new mobile has been added to my Etsy shop and website so anyone will be able to order one now.

The Safari Mobile has a very neutral color palate, so it goes well with any neutral nursery.  In this latest design I've added African Chameleons and an extra lion, elephants, and monkeys.


Many traditional safari animals are neutral in color, which is perfect because most nurseries where they would go in are also decorated in neutral tones.  For anyone who wants more color in their mobile though, there's the option to add colorful birds to the design.  

To see more pictures and even a video of this Safari Mobile, make sure to check out this latest listing on my site!


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