A Timeless Crane Mobile in a Marvel Film

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Last year I got an order for a Giant Paper Crane Mobile from someone who said it was for a movie set. My only previous experience with major media exposure was back when one of my Small Pastel Mobiles was purchased for a Gerber commercial in 2015.

At first I was in a bit of shock and didn't know what to think, other than - Ok, I better do a good job and get this done quick! So off went the mobile and I didn't hear back from the customer again. About a month later someone else ordered the same style mobile in different colors for a different movie, this one was shooting in Oklahoma.

This second customer was very communicative and she told me the name of the film, and we discussed the different colors of the room it was going in, and so forth. After that mobile was off to Oklahoma I started thinking about what had happened to that other mobile in Georgia. What movie was that going to be in?

I found out the person who had ordered it had previously worked on huge films like Transformers, Spiderman, and Passengers that had very well known actors. She was a big deal in Hollywood... what movie was my mobile possibly going to be in? I emailed this first customer twice asking about what movie the mobile would be in, but I didn't get any response, and decided not to be pushy about it.

I waited and watched her IMDb profile for updates, and after months of nothing happening it was finally updated close to when the film was released, stating that she had worked on Ant-Man and the Wasp! In the end I didn't find out what movie the mobile was going to be in until about a week before it came out in theaters.

When I finally got to see the film I was devastated because I didn't see the mobile anywhere. Scott Lang, played by Paul Rudd, was under house arrest in the film, and in all his free time he had picked up some new hobbies - one of which was folding paper cranes and making mobiles. It was neat to see all the origami in the movie, but I was disappointed that my mobile hadn't made it onto the big screen.

Over the next week or so, several friends texted and asked about my mobile being in a scene where Paul Rudd was folding a paper crane. I told them it wasn't mine, but they thought they had seen the mobile. After one particular friend insisted she had seen it, and told me exactly when and where, I just had to see the movie again.

Sure enough, in that scene where Paul Rudd is folding a yellow paper crane, my mobile can be seen, in the background of the background. Over Paul's right shoulder behind a string of paper cranes (that I didn't make) you see the cranes hanging in the dark background. It's not clear, and if you don't know what it is you probably wouldn't know what you were looking at, but it's there.

My brother-in-law said that now I knew what it felt like to be an actor in a small role, only to see that their scene was cut or shortened. Either way - I'm still excited about it and grateful for the opportunity that Katie Childs gave me when she ordered my mobile. 


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