The Creative Process Behind The Woodland Camping Mobile

When potential customers reach out to me with questions about what I could put in a mobile, I always tell them, “whatever you want.”  I know that sometimes people tell you that but they don’t really mean it – well I do mean it.  If I can find an instructional diagram or video of the creature or thing you want, I can fold it and include it in your mobile.  If what you want doesn’t exist, then I can change a model to suit my needs and create what you want.  I am not an origami master by any means, but I can follow a diagram, and more often than not I can successfully complete folding any model I attempt.  This ability allows me to create mobiles that are truly unique for each individual customer.  

The Inspiration Behind the Project 

Recently I was asked to make a woodland mobile, but with the addition of a canoe and tent so that it would encompass a camping theme as well.  This expectant mother had begun nesting, and had purchased a woodland/camping art print which had inspired the rest of her nursery decor.  She needed a mobile for her nursery that would reflect the mood of this beloved art print, and hoped that I could help.  She sent me a picture of the print, and let me know that she wanted to stick to colors that were in the art print – colors that could be seen in the forest.  She also requested that I include a red canoe and a tent.  

Getting the Origami Models Folded

I already had diagrams for the deer, bear, and bluebirds, and I had a video link saved to the instructions for a pine tree I really liked.  So I had to search the web for diagrams of a bunny, and I also thought an orange fox would look nice in the mix.  During my search for diagrams I found instructions for a skunk that I couldn’t pass up.  The canoe was a traditional model that I easily found a diagram for online.  The tent on the other hand was a model that I had to design myself because I couldn’t find any diagrams for tents that I liked.

A Happy Mommy 

Once all the models were folded and the mobile was assembled, I eagerly packed up the mobile and sent it on its’ way.  The mobile was so well received that this mother has since ordered two mobiles for her pregnant friends, as well as another for her second baby that is due any day now.  

Why I Enjoy Custom Orders

It’s so much fun working with customers to create something special that holds so much meaning for them and their loved ones.  Custom mobiles take more time than just making the same thing over and over again, but the experience is worth every second.  You can read more about the value of custom work to a handmade seller in my blog.  I always love hearing from customers after they get their mobiles, and their kind words motivate me to continue taking on new and more challenging projects.      

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